Funny Sells! Plain and simple. If you want to have a memorable advertising campaign, product branding, corporate identity, introduce  new clients to your products, keep in touch with old ones, get more traffic to your web site, lighten up the company's business meetings, etc. -- humor is the way to go!

Laughter has an enormous power! People LOVE to be entertained! And as long as they smile they'll buy! is a web site designed to help you with your advertising campaigns.

How can we help your business make more money?

We are experts in what we do and we'll be more than happy to help you! Our artists will work closely with you to enhance your presentations, corporate publications, web sites, business cards, annual reports, calendars, correspondence, textbooks, T-shirts, advertising campaigns, email promotions, and much more.

We will create the perfect advertising cartoon for your business!

Custom Corporate Holiday Christmas Cards / Animations for your small or large business!

Custom Christmas greeting cards

See more samples of Custom Christmas cards.

Custom Christmas animations

See more samples of Custom Christmas animations.

Good Luck Puppy Presentation

All you need is Love Good Luck Puppy

I'd like to share with you my new pet project -- the Good Luck Puppy.

That little funny puppy has this very positive, good luck, can-do message. There is a huge audience for it - millions of kids (and adults) need Good Luck in life, which starts with a lesson of how to believe in yourself and taking action to overcome obstacles. It is also a very cute character which will be perfect for some advertising properties.

In addition to creating the character, story and marketing campaign, I am also the designer of the Good Luck Puppy web site (as well as this one:-), Flash animations and games.

I am currently writing a book, comic strips, a screenplay, and a line of greeting cards. I got a newspaper distribution offer for a GLP comic strip, for a children clothing line, there is interest from companies in Israel and Europe and some other exciting deals.

I recently made a trip to the Licensing show in NY -- you can take a look at the short report I wrote here.

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Animated TV commercial on air

Check out our Z-Speedy Internet Services TV Commercial.
Originally the TV commercial was to include child actors and animation, but our client was so happy with the first draft of the animation we did, that they decided to go ahead and make the whole ad animated.

Z-Speedy is an Internet Service Provider with Superpowers:-) Click on the image to see the actual commercial.


How Can We Help Your Business?

Here are just a couple of things we can do for you: 

  • Custom Cartoon Illustrations for Magazine Advertising
    Make your advertising campaign memorable! Using cartoons and humorous illustrations will guarantee the success of your marketing efforts!
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